I’ve been meaning to actually learn PowerShell for a few years. It’s a bit of a black mark on my record that I never really got around to it. As such, I decided the best way to actually force myself to learn it is through full-immersion.

I took the msys2 MAME devtools profile and integrated the 64-bit tools (I almost never build 32-bit, and if I really need 32-bit I can generate a script to override the 64-bit settings) into my Windows 10 environment. From there it was a matter of changing my ‘Dev environment*’ profile to run pwsh.exe instead.

While I’m at it, I also decided to give Zsh a try from the Linux side. Why stick with the same old tools forever? Good enough IS good enough, but letting yourself get too attached to what you’re using can blind you to things you might actually prefer if you only give them a try.

We’ll see how all of this works out in a month or two.


-- Firehawke