I’m trying something a bit experimental here. A post on Hacker News led me to a blog post over at Ryan Prior’s site. The post itself was interesting, but not really what grabbed me. What interested me most was the static site itself. That sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole for about two hours into the world of Hugo.

That, in turn, resulted in what you see here. I rather like the idea of a semi-static site as opposed to Wordpress– it requires considerably less maintenance time. The problem with Wordpress isn’t Wordpress itself, it’s the plugins; those plugins are literally 99% of the exploit vectors on WP blogs and requires significant effort to stay ahead of attackers.

A static site doesn’t require nearly as much effort.

As such, I’ll give this a try and see if I can’t build an acceptable workflow around this. I’m probably going to use this for personal thoughts and continue using my Patreon to handle news about what I’m doing with MAME-related projects.

-- Firehawke