Got some rather unpleasant news the other day. It turns out that there’s the potential I may have been exposed to COVID-19 through a close friend’s workplace; he apparently wasn’t notified until Monday. The person who was infected had started to get symptoms on the last day of their one week vacation, and COVID-19 is known to be able to hide (in an infectious state) for TWO weeks.

I’m monitoring my condition closely. I’ve had a number of setbacks in the last few weeks that have pushed my stress through the roof again and triggered another neural attack, which is making it harder to be 100% sure what I’m seeing. Of course, I’ve just learned I can’t get a COVID-19 test because I have too much scar tissue in my nasal and sinus passages– this makes it impossible for them to reach up through my nose to do the test.

One of the setbacks was that my air conditioner nearly set my home on fire early this week. It turns out that when I’d had to replace the air conditioner a few years back, the installers didn’t bother to check the breakers and said “it’ll be fine, it’s more efficient!”

Turns out the breakers were a bit old AND underspec, and the result was that the master breaker and the AC sub-breaker had started to melt. The heat off of the AC breaker had started to melt one right underneath it as well. The replacement work ended up being several hundred dollars that I really can’t afford right now.

I’m considering options to try to raise funds somehow. I’m honestly extremely reluctant to ask for help when things are this bad worldwide, but I think I may not have much choice in the matter.

In particular, I’m weighing the option of doing a streaming marathon or something of the like. I have no idea if that’s even a good idea right now– it’s really hard to make judgement calls when you’re at this level of stress, so I’ll ask around with people I know and see what they have to say.

MAME stuff stalled for a bit, but I’m keeping up with the Apple disks every few days at least. Docs stuff DID completely stall, but I’m hoping to take another look at that in the next day or so. Funny enough, I’ve actually been USING MAME more in the last month than I have in some time. I’ve always been a fan of MAME, even going back to the pre-MAME Multi-PAC releases, but for the last few years I hadn’t been using it as much as I used to and it’s likely directly related to the health issues taking up so much of my time and energy.

It’s certainly easier to find what parts you need to work on if you’re actively invested in using the tools you need to write the docs for, right?

-- Firehawke