I recently put some serious work into the MAME documentation, but there’s still quite a bit that needs to be looked at. My current plans are to be watching Reddit, etc. for posts that suggest where pain points still exist in regards to the documentation or usage of MAME. It’s a good time for me to be doing this while Apple II stuff has slowed down for a bit. I also need to look at getting Jeff Minter’s games archived. I’d asked him at the beginning of the year, but I hadn’t yet gotten very far into that due to other things that were eating my time lately. Especially doctor-related stuff; COVID-19 has absolutely put me in a very bad spot in terms of trying to get my medical specialists renewed (which I have to do every year) because of the sheer load on my primary care provider right now.

I do want to get the Minter stuff in before the end of this year, though, so I’ll probably sit down and force myself to just get that done before touching docs stuff this month.

Well, I’ve talked in the past about my memory issues. Without a set of notes to remind me of what I’m doing, I tend to forget practically everything and get hyper-focused on whatever is in front of me. Lately I’ve been taking a lot of notes using Trilium Notes. I used to use a set of Notepad++ tabs to keep track of what I was doing, but that was a bit unwieldy in general and Trilium Notes seems to be a bit better for keeping track of things. I just need to work out a good sync method for those notes.

I’ve tried out several different note-taking apps, including Mempad, but the only one I’ve kept long-term is OneNote. I have a touchscreen+pen Windows device that works exceptionally well with OneNote, so I keep certain types of notes including webpage clippings in that while keeping the bulk of my other notes in Trilium Notes.

I’ve also been helping my friends over at Sanctuary Crew with a couple of long-term internal projects they’ll probably be talking about soon.

So much to get done! I guess I’d better get started on some of this now, huh?

-- Firehawke